Juan is a partner in care who is also a participant in our Systemic and Oral Health Improvement Program. This program is aimed to work with diabetic patients to help them achieve overall wellness in all aspects of their lives. Diagnosed 12 years ago as a diabetic, Juan spent years not understanding the gravity of his disease and became a frequent flyer to the emergency department due to diabetes complications. He was suffering and his whole body was impacted by his lack of knowledge of his disease.

A few years ago, Juan got connected to one of our Safety Net Providers, Alliance Medical Ministry, and they started working with him on his health goals. He went from a standing A1C value of around 12% to a value of 8.2%. He was feeling better and more in control of his own body. When Juan came to us, he had no knowledge of the oral health implications of diabetes.

At his baseline assessment appointment, Juan had extreme bleeding and significant probing depths. He committed to the Systemic and Oral Health Improvement Program and began his journey through scaling and root planing, restorative work, and patient education. In just a few short months, the bleeding in his gums has subsided, he has almost complete reattachment of tissue, and he has completed all restorative work.

“I didn’t know my mouth could affect my diabetes and the people here taught me that I can manage my mouth and my diabetes together.” Working with Juan’s primary care provider, Alliance Medical Ministry, we are thrilled to say that his A1C has reduced, and he is feeling more in control of his own future. He is exercising, eating the right foods, and maximizing his newfound knowledge to improve his health.